BreathifyUSA has been founded by Naresh Juneja, an experienced engineer and entrepreneur in US, based on the innovation of Krrish Chawla, a young inventor from India, whose work has been recognized by Prudential Spirit Of Community, USA and various top institutions in India.

At BreathifyUSA, our mission to provide high-quality Air Purifiers and accessories at an affordable price for home and business, designed for and made in USA, using technologies, expertise and materials we have here at home in America.

Our Model 1 is a no-frills design of a giant spirit inside a small body, with sole purpose of providing pure air at an inexpensive price point. Using an innovative air filtering design and HEPA technology, we believe that Model 1 is the most effective Air Purifier in its class. At just 6.5lb, this machine cleans a 350 sq ft. room in about 2 hours to a purity of 99.97%.

Breathify - Simple Air Purifiers in USA